12 Security Tips to Keep You Safe This Christmas

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12 Security Tips to Keep You Safe This Christmas

Keep your home, business, and belongings in safe hands this holiday season by following our Christmas security tips below:

  1. Arm Your System
    Remember to arm your security system every time you leave work or home. Christmas is a peak time for burglary, with opportunistic thieves on the look-out for all sorts of goodies.
  2. Update Your Stickers
    Make sure thieves know your property is protected by updating your alarm stickers. Contact us if you require additional Blueforce monitoring or CCTV stickers for your residence or commercial property.
  3. Monitor Your Alarm System
    Make sure your alarm system is monitored by Blueforce. Not only will this ensure the best chance of preventing break-ins, it will also secure you a discount on your home and contents insurance.
  4. Update Your Details
    If you’re planning a vacation and have a monitored alarm or access control system, call Blueforce to advise us of your plans, and make changes to emergency contacts if required. We can even pre-programme holiday dates into your access control system for the entire year ahead.
  5. Be Careful About What Your Post Online
    It’s always exciting to share holiday memories, but avoid posting too much information about your travel plans on social media. The wrong people may find out you are away from home and take advantage of your absence.
  6. Don’t Leave Signs You Are Away
    Remember to cancel your newspaper and other mail services if you are away from home for a long period of time. Ask a neighbour or a friend to check on your property, and remove spare keys from outside.
  7. Let There Be Light
    Installing automatic sensor lights at the front of your house is not only a great way to deter burglars, it will also welcome guests to your front door.
  8. Avoid Fire Hazards
    Keep some lights on when you leave your house in the evening. But remember that decorative fairy lights outside and on the Christmas tree are a serious fire hazard, so save the festive display for when you are at home.
  9. Obscure Your Windows
    Glimpsing a twinkling Christmas tree through a neighbourhood window makes most of us warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, not every passer-by has good intentions, so make sure to obscure outsiders’ views into your living space.
  10. Hide Your Gift Boxes
    That brand new flat-screen TV you just got for Christmas? The box it came in will attract the attention of thieves just as much as the item itself. Conceal and dispose of boxes in your recycling carefully.
  11. Keep Track of Your Shopping
    Christmas is a busy time of year. With so much to organise, it’s easy to become distracted! Remember to keep track of your shopping bags when you’re doing your Christmas shopping.
  12. Watch Your Belongings
    It might be ‘Silly Season’, but remember to drink responsibly and keep an eye on your belongings when you are out at social events.

For more information about how Blueforce can help keep your home or business safe with a tailored security system, visit our Bluesecurity webpage, or call 1300 731 716 and speak to one of our friendly team today.

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