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Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms

User-friendly safety solutions for home and away

Whether you’re at home, out and about, or working alone, there’s a Blueassist package to suit your needs. Lightweight, hot waterproof and impact resistant, our pendants are designed to be worn at all times, including in the shower and in the rain, while our user-friendly base units operate on the mobile network, meaning no fixed line or nbn™ connection is required!

Our packages are compatible with a range of life safety devices, such as smoke detectors and seizure mats. Choose a solution and payment option that best suits your requirements and lifestyle!

Personal emergency response system for use in and around the home, suited to those living alone, the elderly, and those with disabilities or chronic disease.

Sophisticated falls technology, designed for those prone to falls, including the elderly, those in post-operative care, and those with conditions such as epilepsy.

GPS mobile alarm solution, ideal for lone workers, isolated activities, and elderly or impaired users who want to venture beyond home with confidence.

Home & Away
Combines all the features of our Home and GO packages, suiting active users wanting protection at home and on the go, such as those living solo or in rural areas.


Why choose Blueassist?
  • 24-hour professional and fully accredited monitoring
  • Emergency help at the touch of a button
  • Connects to emergency services and care providers
  • Easy to install plug and play mobile technology
  • Mobile network connectivity (no fixed line or nbn™)
  • Protection at home and on the go
  • Flexible purchase and rental options
  • Stylish hot waterproof and impact resistant pendants
  • Compliant with Australian standards
Blueassist Home Purchase $475.00
Outright purchase of 1x base unit and 1x home pendant.
24-Hour Monitoring $20.00
Billed monthly in advance.
Blueassist Home Rental $20.00
Monthly rental of 1x base unit and 1x home pendant, including monitoring fees. Set-up fee of $100 includes first month's monitoring.
Optional Extras
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Additional Pendants

Protect everyone in your home by connecting extra pendants to your base unit.

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Key Safe

Allow quick and secure access to spare keys for emergency services.

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Smoke Detector

Secure yourself and your home with a professionally monitored smoke detector.