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Access Control

Access Control

Securing your premises against unwanted intruders

Access control simply limits access through a door or gate to a predetermined list of authorised people.

Entering or exiting the restricted area may involve the use of an authorised swipe-card, fob, remote, or may require the user to present their hand or finger to be scanned by a reader.

A major advantage is that when a swipe-card, fob or remote is lost or stolen, it can simply be deleted from the system, avoiding the additional costs associated with hiring a locksmith to recut keys or replace locks.

Our access control systems can be both hard-wired or wireless to provide a range of benefits, including improving resident and staff safety, reducing theft and vandalism, and minimising the risk of workplace incidents (by controlling access to high risk areas).

The benefits of access control can be further enhanced when integrated with additional technologies, such as intruder detection, CCTV, nurse call, duress, reporting software, and staff-in-attendance systems.

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