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Gate Control

Gate Control

Ensuring every entrance to your site is secure

Many sites use gates and roller-doors to maintain security and control access to an area or building, particularly vehicle access.

Gates are generally controlled via a battery-operated remote. Most have a red light at the top which flashes to indicate it has transmitted its security code to the receiver to signal the gate to open/close. If the light does not flash, the battery must be replaced.

To further protect residents and visitors, gates can be fitted with additional safety features:

  • Photo-electric (PE) safety beams avert potential damage to people or vehicles. As soon as an object or person moves through the invisible safety beam, the gate will stop or reverse.
  • Battery back-up can be fitted to allow the gate to continue operating in the event of power failure. The battery reserve is limited – once exhausted, the gate will stop operating until mains power is restored.

Most clients replace standard-issue remotes with superior security-coded models. These are individually programmed and configured into the building Access Control System to provide secure keyless control.

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