Join us for LASA’s Ten Days of Congress (12-23 October)

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Join us for LASA’s Ten Days of Congress (12-23 October)

Learn more about integrating innovative and meaningful solutions to revolutionise aged care.

Aged services are increasingly looking to new technology for ways to improve customer care, safety, and governance, not least within life safety and security. The opportunities in this space are endless, but they can be overwhelming. How do providers ensure their investment in new technology will lead to meaningful outcomes?

Join Blueforce for LASA’s Ten Days of Congress on Thursday 22nd October, as we provide real-life examples of innovative technology solutions within life safety and security, including: boosting remote connectivity in response to COVID-19; strengthening resident and worker safety; centralising systems to increase productivity; automating alerts to streamline efficiencies; developing analytics to improve governance; and customising data parameters to create tailored care plans. Read more …

LASA’s Ten Days of Congress is an exclusively online event running from 12-23 October 2020.

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About Sam Lofts

With over 15 years’ experience in the life safety and security industry, Sam has worked on a wide range of large-scale aged care and commercial projects across Australia, and has a proven track record of providing innovative technologies and diverse services to support clients across all verticals.

Sam leads his sales team with a hands-on approach to customer service, focusing on people-driven, user-friendly, and end-to-end tailored solutions, and specialising in smart technology integration. Facilitating a “can-do” culture across all aspects of the business, Sam’s team keep their customers in safe hands, 24 hours a day.

Striving to make a meaningful difference, Sam thrives when engaging with clients to help them determine risks, define requirements, and identify long-term and future-proof options. Thinking creatively and pushing the boundaries of technology, Sam and his team are on a mission to deliver first-class outcomes which substantially improve customers’ safety, productivity, and wellbeing.