Keeping our customers in safe hands during COVID-19

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Keeping our customers in safe hands during COVID-19

The advantage of flexibility, diversity, and innovation in overcoming the challenges of a global pandemic.

In late March, Blueforce and thousands of Western Australian businesses reeled from the rapid increase of government restrictions unlike any in living memory. COVID-19 had arrived and changed life as we knew it.

Blueforce took the necessary steps. Workspaces locked down, staff worked from home, and PPE was issued. G2G Pass was quickly adopted for travel exemptions, and COVIDSafe made mandatory for company devices. But as a provider of essential services, including for high risk aged care and hospital facilities, we had to go further.

The ability to be flexible and adaptable is one of Blueforce’s key strengths. Regular staff surveying quickly identified and addressed potential risks. A workplace influenza vaccination program was rolled out practically overnight with 100% staff uptake, meeting the stringent requirements of aged care facilities.

Our strategy pivoted towards sustainable income streams such as monitoring services and government projects. Promoting the benefits of life safety to an increasingly vulnerable public, including subsidised medical alarms and thermal technology, offered a rare advantage.

Blueforce’s diverse and multitalented team was well-placed to respond to pandemic’s challenges, with over 60 staff spread across service, projects, monitoring, sales, administration, and operations.

Management and our in-house communications officer monitored fast-changing official advice and developed workplace guidelines and business response plans to anticipate risks, communicate with staff, and keep customers reassured and informed.

Blueforce’s team of over 30 technicians were mobilised across hundreds of sites. In one instance, an urgent work request from a major aged services customer required we lock down seven facilities as far apart as Mundaring and Margaret River. Four technicians completed the job, travelling a combined 500 kilometers in a single evening.

Amid the flood of critical requests, Blueforce continued to deliver quality project work. During the height of WA restrictions, we completed our largest ever commercial fit-out of a high security government tenancy in the heart of Perth’s CBD. The client commended Blueforce’s experienced technical team, who committed significant hours to meet tight project timeframes, and demonstrated immediate and strong compliance with COVID-19 directions.

A focus on innovation and agility allowed Blueforce to future-proof business processes and work remotely more readily. We fast-tracked cloud-based document control, accounting, and payroll, and invested in an integrated CRM platform for the new financial year.

Significant budget was allocated toward digital development to increase customer connectivity, including online shopping and paperless client forms, and the efficiency of job management and monitoring platforms was enhanced with custom integrations.

Blueforce’s success during the COVID-19 pandemic speaks for itself, with a record value of work completed between March and June. While many businesses were standing down staff, Blueforce hired two full time technicians and an apprentice, and appointed a dedicated East Coast executive. We also engaged a financial advisor, marketing consultant, and are seeking yet another technician, administrator, and sales executive.

Our growth during a tough economic climate is reflective of our flexibility, diversity, and innovation. We are prepared for uncertain times ahead and focused on keeping our customers in safe hands.

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