Mead Medical Centre

Access Control / Nurse Call / CCTV

Mead Medical Centre, a specialised healthcare clinic, required comprehensive security, access control and CCTV, integrated with a nurse call duress system.

Blueforce installed a Concept security system with integrated intercom and access control. Working closely with the electrical contractor, we designed a system including strategically placed motion-sensors on all external access points, and high-definition CCTV cameras connected to an in-house recording system, in order to provide comprehensive security for centre staff and patients.

The nurse call and duress system was seamlessly linked into the security system with a central indication panel, allowing staff to view details of an activated alarm at the click of a button, and respond immediately. Indicator lights placed in every patient room visually notify occupants of alarm activation, while portable, water resistant pendants were installed to increase accessibility and patient safety.

We selected Mead Medical Centre’s system components for their ability to provide both staff and patients with the best possible security and safety.