See more with comprehensive video surveillance systems

What surveillance and video management technology are you using in 2020?

Blueforce’s experienced team have been designing, installing, and upgrading video surveillance systems over the past two decades and have witnessed significant developments in CCTV technology.

Today we expect our cameras to perform, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, and many customers tell us that the system they previously invested in is no longer providing the image quality and useability they once imagined.

Older analogue cameras and most early generation IP cameras may still be operational, but can you clearly identify the person, vehicle or even license plate number in a way that is effective and productive?

Our specialist team at Blueforce are trained to assist you in redefining your video surveillance needs to achieve meaningful and user-friendly outcomes:

Blueforce can determine whether existing infrastructure in your home, office or site, such as an old system’s wiring, can be reused, passing on considerable savings to you.

We can utilise new or existing coaxial cabling, CAT 5/6 data cable, fibre and even wireless links to ensure cameras are best positioned, not only to enhance security but also to improve OHS, staff training, industrial monitoring and mining applications.

Cameras can be customised and integrated with a suitable Video Management System (VMS) allowing you to effectively review footage in a number of ways:

Record – Your cameras are recorded directly onto a recorder’s hard disk drive (HDD) to be reviewed after an incident has taken place.

React – Your cameras are monitored by security staff in real-time to monitor staff and visitor activity to enhance your site’s safety and security.

Remote – Your cameras monitor side-wide systems and allow you to view recorded footage from the convenience of a remote device.

Respond – Your cameras monitor your site-wide systems and automatically escalate alarms to our 24-hour Grade A Monitoring Centre for round-the-clock response.

Contact our team today and find out how easy it is to see clearly with the right video surveillance.

We can discuss and evaluate almost any camera you might have in mind, and work with a number of leading camera manufacturers and VMS suppliers including: